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Twitter hopes to dominate #WorldCup second screen action with World Cup hub

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As The Verge (and others) reported earlier this month, Facebook and Twitter will be battling it out during Brazil’s World Cup in the hopes of dominating second screen World Cup social media participation. (Man, that was a mouthful!)

I am a huge user and evangelist of Twitter so I was surprised I hadn’t seen anything. Until now. (I’m also a huge user of HootSuite)

Here’s a screenshot tour of the World Cup Twitter experience:

World Cup 2014 - Twitter

When you login to Twitter and click on the home tab on the top left you will be directed to your timeline. On the left you will notice the right navigation is World Cup themed.

World Cup Brazil - Twitter

This is what it looks like. The upcoming games are shown as is the ability to actually customize your Twitter World Cup experience based on your favourite team.

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

By clicking on the first game we get a Brazil vs Croatia themed Twitter page. Everything from scoreboard, photos, videos, tweets and even team players’ accounts are displayed.

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

What is you actually want to choose your side and get more personalization? Click on through to the other side! (The Doors would have loved Twitter, eh?)

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

Click a flag to choose your team! Who are you supporting?

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

Social Media Marketing – George Brown College

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social media marketing
social media marketing

This past winter I had the privilege to teach my first ever course at George Brown: Twitter Marketing. Well, it seems my students liked me enough that the powers that be at George Brown College have agreed to have me teach the Social Media Marketing courseWe’ll go through some social media history, take an in depth look at the popular tools of the day, and empower students to be able to create a social media strategy.

There’s still some space if you’re interested in registering. Classes start soon!


The Problem With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a very valuable tool for professionals and companies alike. For example, many people have used the recommendations feature to help them increase their employment and career goals and aspirations. Many companies have used LinkedIn’s vast source of data to search for new talent.

When people have a problem with LinkedIn, most of the time (although the platform is far from perfect), it’s because of the way individual people use it.

Take the following as a case in point:

I don’t mind connecting with people I know on LinkedIn. I also don’t mind connecting with people I don’t yet know but who might work in the same office as me. However, this one made me laugh hard:


I am a person he trusts yet he doesn’t know me. So why the heck should I connect!? Should I connect?

2013: A Look Back

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karim kanji
karim kanji

As we approach the last day of 2013 I thought I would take a moment to reflect back on the year.

2013 started off on a high with my start-up, thirdocean. However, it became clear after a few months that the company would either have to undergo some dramatic changes in what we offered or we would have to shut down and move on (which is what eventually has happened). A little bittersweet but a move that has turned out for the best.

My co-founder, Carolyn Van will be starting graduate studies in 2014 and is currently doing some interesting work as a consultant.

In September 2013 I started as the Digital Content Manager with Catalyst. It’s an industry-leading company with some amazing people working here. I can’t wait to tackle 2014 and do some really innovative and interesting things in content marketing. I was also approached by George Brown college. I will start teaching part-time in their Social Media Marketing Certificate program in 2014. That should be fun!

In 2013 I travelled to Orlando to cover BlackBerry’s annual (last?) BlackBerry World Conference. I also went to Bogota, Colombia to check out that South American country’s digital and start-up community.

Top Videos from 2013:

Alicia Keyes at BlackBerry Live 2013

Walk Off The Earth at ING Cafe Toronto

City of Vaughan Twitter Fail

In conversation with Laurie Dillon-Schalk

Royal Ontario Museum – Social Media Coordinator

In conversation with Andrew Jenkins

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HOVR.IT with Adam Jarczyn

Top Blog Posts from 2013:

HootSuite vs Buffer

the (in)complete list of coworking spaces in Canada

a look back at Syncapse

Think Like Zuck

Beware Bullshit from Conferences

I also continue to contribute to the itbusiness website and community.

Thanks to all my good friends and family who helped support me in 2013. A special shout out to the lovely boys and girls from The Work Republic family, all the Karim’s at big time design and communication, and the smart folks from The Cat’s Pyjamas.

Maersk Line and Social Media

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A few months ago I had the opportunity to chat with Jonathan Wichmann. Who is Jonathan? Among other things he used to be the head of social media for the world’s oldest and largest shipping company: Maersk Line.

maersk line social media
maersk line social media

What is a 100+ year old boring shipping company doing playing in the social space – a space many believe is reserved for sexy and young consumer brands? Well, I hope you take the time to listen to my conversation with Jonathan.

Now, more than ever, it is important for companies of all sizes and types to understand the value of social media and content marketing. We are all playing in a crowded space. We are not just competing with other brands in our space. We are competing for the attention (heart and minds) with our friends, family, other companies and finally our competitors.

Creating content (social or otherwise) that our consumers and potential consumers want is paramount if we want to rise above the noise and capture the hearts and minds of people and businesses.

What we should learn from Buffer

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This past weekend, Buffer suffered an unusual hacking incident that saw many people’s Facebook (and some Twitter) accounts post spam. You can read about the incident (and the updates including the solution) on the Buffer blog here.

There are many security and privacy lessons that can be learned from this incident.

However, the number 1 lesson that I hope every single brand that is active on social media gleans from this is:  Be open, honest and transparent. That’s exactly what Buffer did. And guess what? No one is shitting on them this morning.

buffer hack
buffer hack

The screenshot above shows the top results for a search on “buffer weekend hack”. Most focus on the tactical response from Buffer rather than any security issues.

Throughout the weekend, Buffer updated their social media accounts, blog and even sent out email updates. their goal was to let their community of users know what had happened, what they were doing to resolve the issue and what steps their users could take in the meantime.

buffer response
buffer response

One of the things they were also not afraid of doing was apologizing. They actually said sorry: Which is something everyone needs to do a little bit more of because none of us are perfect.