Let’s talk about PITCH (Talks)

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The 2-2 Pitch

Starrett Group What a lineup of speakers! (Source: @StarrettGroup)

On Thursday, I drove to Canada.

My motivation was an invitation; Kevin Kennedy asked me if I wished to take part in a Minor League baseball two-broadcaster panel with Triple-A Buffalo Bisons voice Ben Wagner.

The setting was PITCH: Talks on Baseball, created by Kevin, and described on its website as “a new speaker series about baseball,” with the stated mission “to connect with the growing crowd of sophisticated baseball enthusiasts by facilitating informed and entertaining discussions on the game we love.” It’s a brilliant idea, and one that should spread to other baseball-loving cities as soon as possible. Get on that, Detroit.

This was the seventh and final PITCH talk of the season, with each one scheduled on a Blue Jays off day. No Jays game? Join “a very casual gathering of like-minded and very informed baseball enthusiasts” to talk baseball. (That description…

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Band of the Year: Arcade Fire

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The biggest acts of 2013 remodeled the standard album rollout into a highly engaging blockbuster event, shattering any preconceived notions of hype. Some explored new sounds by collaborating with an eclectic mix of talent. Others took risks to deliver an elegant, challenging, and important record. A handful did both. But only one reached above and beyond.

Nike President on Fuelband News: We’re

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Nike President on Fuelband News: We’re Excited for a Future With Apple


Nike President and CEO Mark Parker has added fuel to rumors on Friday that the company’s Fuelband software could end up in the Apple iWatch. With Apple CEO, Tim Cook, on the Nike board, this seemed like a no brainer. Interesting news.