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Moving home

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Many of you have noticed that I haven’t really blogged here since mid-summer. That’s because in what little time I do have I’ve been figuring out what to do with this little real estate of mine that I own on the Web.

For many years I’ve been creating content on the internet. Not as long as some people I know, but longer than most. I started with a Blogger site and soon moved over to I’ve tried using Tumblr when I visited Africa and even had an active Flickr account for some time. I had a popular podcast called SMS for a few months which then morphed into a YouTube show. And during these crazy days I also had a hand in building a social media agency called THIRDOCEAN. Not to mention my earlier gig with Techvibes and my current experience with itbusiness. (Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m currently “making waves” at Canada’s largest Search Marketing Agency, Catalyst, as their Digital Content Manager.)

Well, times have changed. And during that time my interests have changed. I have opinions outside the world of social media and Toronto’s tech start-up scene. I’m more interested in the wearables explosion that is currently happening (especially in Toronto). I’m also interested in telling you what I think about the Blue Jays off season pursuits of free agents and Neil Young’s latest musical experiment.

@karimkanji and @JohnToryTO
@karimkanji and @JohnToryTO

So what does future hold? I’ve no freaking clue. Honest. But we have to start moving. So, starting with this post you can now find me here at (no more The new website is not yet fully complete. and it may never be. and when it is done, don’t expect to be wowed. However, expect there to be content. Good content. About everything from living just inside Scarborough to what I think about Toronto’s current mayor.

You can also follow me on Twitter here -> @karimkanji. And please remember to bookmark this site.

Barenaked Ladies tackle social media in latest single and viral video

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Scarborough’s favourite adopted sons are back at it again with “Did I Say That Out Loud?” The band that first gained prominence with “If I had a $1,000,000” recently released their newest single which was subsequently backed with a video.

At posting, this video currently has 1,010,579 views. Hope you enjoy.


Twitter hopes to dominate #WorldCup second screen action with World Cup hub

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As The Verge (and others) reported earlier this month, Facebook and Twitter will be battling it out during Brazil’s World Cup in the hopes of dominating second screen World Cup social media participation. (Man, that was a mouthful!)

I am a huge user and evangelist of Twitter so I was surprised I hadn’t seen anything. Until now. (I’m also a huge user of HootSuite)

Here’s a screenshot tour of the World Cup Twitter experience:

World Cup 2014 - Twitter

When you login to Twitter and click on the home tab on the top left you will be directed to your timeline. On the left you will notice the right navigation is World Cup themed.

World Cup Brazil - Twitter

This is what it looks like. The upcoming games are shown as is the ability to actually customize your Twitter World Cup experience based on your favourite team.

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

By clicking on the first game we get a Brazil vs Croatia themed Twitter page. Everything from scoreboard, photos, videos, tweets and even team players’ accounts are displayed.

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

What is you actually want to choose your side and get more personalization? Click on through to the other side! (The Doors would have loved Twitter, eh?)

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

Click a flag to choose your team! Who are you supporting?

Brazil World Cup - Twitter

Social Media Marketing – George Brown College

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social media marketing
social media marketing

This past winter I had the privilege to teach my first ever course at George Brown: Twitter Marketing. Well, it seems my students liked me enough that the powers that be at George Brown College have agreed to have me teach the Social Media Marketing courseWe’ll go through some social media history, take an in depth look at the popular tools of the day, and empower students to be able to create a social media strategy.

There’s still some space if you’re interested in registering. Classes start soon!


How to block Promoted Tweets in your Hootsuite Twitter Home Feed

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hootsuite, social media strategy


Almost everyone I know uses Twitter. What many of us disagree with is the change in user experience when it comes to seeing Promoted Tweets in your feed.

What is a Promoted Tweet? Well, according to the screen shot of a Google Search result, a promoted tweet is a feature that businesses pay in order to be promoted at the top of search results on Twitter.

Promoted Tweet
Promoted Tweet

Here is what a Promoted Tweet actually looks like:

Sample of a Promoted Tweet
Sample of a Promoted Tweet

I don’t mind that Twitter is using Promoted Tweets as a way of monetizing their product. Why? Well, it doesn’t impact the experience for me because it’s a native ad. Secondly, it helps to pay for a service that I enjoy using for free. Those that have a problem with Promoted Tweets are few and far between.

So, if you don’t like Promoted Tweets and you use Hootsuite (my preferred method of using Twitter on my desktop/laptop) here is what you can do to remove it:

Within the Promoted Tweet on Hootsuite you will see an “X”. When you hover your mouse over the “X” you will see the prompt “Promoted Tweets…” Click on the “X”. You will then have the following screen pop open:



Click on the “Hide Promoted Tweets” box as shown below. Save your preferences and refresh your screen. Viola! No more Promoted Tweets in you Home Feed.


Now you may enjoy your weekend.