My latest on the Catalyst blog: The Sky Is Not Falling

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Content Marketing: The sky Is Not Falling
The Sky Is Not Falling

Content marketing has been in the news recently. Well, at least the type of news I tend to consume. I work in the digital content space so I hear and read about people bemoaning the death of content marketing just as much as pundits applaud the benefits of content marketing.

Earlier this week I wrote a piece on content marketing on the Catalyst website. It is in direct response to a piece written by Mark W. Schaefer. I hope you enjoy it.

Read the piece here.

My latest on the Catalyst blog: What the Google Acquisition of Nest means

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By now you have probably heard that Google has spent billions purchasing Nest. Many people might not have heard about Nest. Nest builds beautiful and smart technologies for the home. Their first product is a thermostat. And their founders are former Apple designers.

I recently wrote an article on the Catalyst blog about what we can expect from this purchase and the growing trend of companies building smart technology products for the consumer market.

google buys nest
Google Buys Nest – image via Mashable

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks!

Twitter Marketing: Social Media Marketing Certificate

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Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Later this month (next week in fact) I will be leading a class at George Brown as part of their Continuing Education program. As part of the Social Media Marketing Certificate I will be teaching the Twitter Marketing course.

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I’m pumped. And not so much about having the opportunity to teach. But the opportunity to share and learn.

Social media continues to change. Both from a tools/platform perspective and a best practises perspective. This will give me and my students the opportunity to learn the latest trends and practises around using Twitter for marketing.

The best part of the course will be our guest speakers. Being situated here in Toronto gives us the opportunity to learn from some interesting people working at cutting edge brands. Twitter Canada also has their offices here (yes, I’m trying to get someone from there to come speak to the class).

Here is who is booked so far:

Trevor Dean from Level 9 Digital Strategies Inc.; Ira Kates from Catalyst; W. Ryan Dodge from Royal Ontario Museum; and Jaime Stein from ING Direct Canada. I’m also hoping to bring in two additional speakers.

So, if you’re interested in earning your Social Media Marketing Certificate and/or want to make sure you’re utilizing the latest Twitter marketing techniques, then this is the class for you:

Acquire the strategic approaches and practical skills needed to engage with a target demographic using Twitter. Evaluate Twitter’s effectiveness as a marketing tool using case studies and assigned readings. Learn to plan, develop and maintain a Twitter presence for your brand, organization or business that delivers real business value.

See you next week!

2013: A Look Back

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karim kanji
karim kanji

As we approach the last day of 2013 I thought I would take a moment to reflect back on the year.

2013 started off on a high with my start-up, thirdocean. However, it became clear after a few months that the company would either have to undergo some dramatic changes in what we offered or we would have to shut down and move on (which is what eventually has happened). A little bittersweet but a move that has turned out for the best.

My co-founder, Carolyn Van will be starting graduate studies in 2014 and is currently doing some interesting work as a consultant.

In September 2013 I started as the Digital Content Manager with Catalyst. It’s an industry-leading company with some amazing people working here. I can’t wait to tackle 2014 and do some really innovative and interesting things in content marketing. I was also approached by George Brown college. I will start teaching part-time in their Social Media Marketing Certificate program in 2014. That should be fun!

In 2013 I travelled to Orlando to cover BlackBerry’s annual (last?) BlackBerry World Conference. I also went to Bogota, Colombia to check out that South American country’s digital and start-up community.

Top Videos from 2013:

Alicia Keyes at BlackBerry Live 2013

Walk Off The Earth at ING Cafe Toronto

City of Vaughan Twitter Fail

In conversation with Laurie Dillon-Schalk

Royal Ontario Museum – Social Media Coordinator

In conversation with Andrew Jenkins

Community Manager of Real Sports

MADE Clothing

HOVR.IT with Adam Jarczyn

Top Blog Posts from 2013:

HootSuite vs Buffer

the (in)complete list of coworking spaces in Canada

a look back at Syncapse

Think Like Zuck

Beware Bullshit from Conferences

I also continue to contribute to the itbusiness website and community.

Thanks to all my good friends and family who helped support me in 2013. A special shout out to the lovely boys and girls from The Work Republic family, all the Karim’s at big time design and communication, and the smart folks from The Cat’s Pyjamas.

My latest on the Catalyst blog: 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2014

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I wrote my last blog post of the year for Catalyst yesterday. This being the end of the year I focused on looking forward to the upcoming year. If you’re in marketing you might find my latest interesting. I’ve enclosed the link after the photo.

content marketing
content marketing

Let me know your thoughts and “predictions” in the comments section. Thanks!