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BREAKING: Songza joining Google

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Google’s latest foray into music was announced earlier this evening. This is part of their response to Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Music.

See the email I received just minutes ago:

Songza joining Google
Songza joining Google

What are your thoughts on this recent counter move by Google?


How to be a successful app developer: my latest itbusiness article

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mobile apps
mobile apps


What makes a successful app developer? This is a question that many hundreds (if not thousands) of Canadians are asking themselves. Why? The barrier to create these apps has never been lower and the industry is becoming flooded with talent. In downtown Toronto, one is but a stone’s throw away from successful app development shops.

In my recent conversation with Robleh Jama of Tiny Hearts (<- click that link for the full article) we talked about what makes an app successful and what steps he takes to try to make it.

Through The Looking Glass: My latest Catalyst article

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You probably already knew that Canadians have a lot of apps on their smartphones Guess how many to be exact?


However, did you know that less than one of them (on average) was paid for?

Canadians and their smartphones
Canadians and their smartphones

These are just two insightful facts that my company uncovered as part of it’s research that resulted in a report on how Canadians use their smartphones.

I invite you to read about my insights in how Canadians use their smartphones for banking and to also digest the full report. Happy reading!

Digital Disruption: My latest on

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Sport Check's flagship store
Sport Chek’s flagship store

Earlier this week my latest article for was published.

Earlier in the month I had the opportunity to represent Catalyst and attend the Dx3Canada conference and trade show in Toronto. One of the biggest trends that everyone seemed to be talking about and discussing was the role of technology and digital in the retail space. This was highlighted by the Retail Collective space and the keynote by Duncan Fulton.

I invite you to read my full article on digital disruption in the retail space and even leave a comment! Thanks.

App Review: Bing News on Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 1020

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Like many of you know, I’ve been using WP7 and WP8 for a little while now. Did you know Rogers doesn’t consider the Lumia 1020 a smartphone? Strange. But I digress. I’ve done a few shout outs to apps on Windows Phone in the past. And I think it’s time for another.

The Bing News App is AMAZING. And maybe it’s because of what my options are. But it’s also because it’s a really good app.

I’m a fan of CBC. I love their radio station here in Toronto and I also listen to a number of their shows via podcasts. Recently, their Sochi Olympic app was heavily used by me and I’m sure millions of Canadians. Even their Windows version of the Sochi app was amazing. But this is about news. And the CBC News app used to be good. But now it just plain sucks. Sucks like a vacuum. It’s really just terrible. It used to be updated. I could share stories via Twitter and Facebook. Now? Well, I’m not sure. The last time I tried using it they only supported titles. Yup. That’s all. I could only read titles of stories. Not even the stories show up anymore.

What about Huffington Post? Nah. Most of the stuff is garbage and link bait. At least their Windows app is. Terrible experience.

And I’m not a fan of American news apps. Hey! I’m Canadian!

And then my future brother in law, Earvin, told me about the Bing News app. Bing? Come on!

Am I glad I listed to him. Bing provides a summary page and then allows me to view news from a handful of sources such as Gizmodo and the Toronto Star. I’m also able to pick specific topics for the app to source for me. My choice so far: Blue Jays (of course!).

The only problem that I have seen so far is that any videos accompanying articles don’t show up on the mobile version of this app. Otherwise I give this 4 K’s out of 5.

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