BlackBerry CEO: We’re readying a new flagship phone that will steal users away from Android, iPhone

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Interesting. Where have I heard that before…


Just as Thorsten Heins did before him, a new BlackBerry CEO has managed to talk his way into some nice gains for BlackBerry shares in recent months. After diving from the mid-$11 range last fall to a low of just $5.75 this past December, BlackBerry’s stock has climbed nearly 70% in the past three months as Chen continues to convince investors that BlackBerry has a real shot at a comeback. While the new BlackBerry Z3 and BlackBerry Q20 represent BlackBerry’s latest attempt to stop users from fleeing its platform, Chen said recently in an interview that his company is working on a new flagship phone that won’t just keep current BlackBerry users on board, it will steal new users away from Android and the iPhone.

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