Casting Crazy Town: Now that Robyn Doolittle’s Rob Ford book is being filmed, here’s who we think should star in its key roles

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On Monday, it was announced that filming rights to Robyn Doolitte’s Rob Ford book, Crazy Town, have already been sold. This doesn’t come as a surprise (least of all to us: we predicted a Rob Ford miniseries back in November) given the interest in the Ford saga at home and abroad. But now that the cameras are ready to roll, who should take on the key roles in the Toronto-based drama (or comedy, as the case may be)? We have some suggestions:

Rob Ford

The unfortunate thing about casting Mayor Ford himself is that the most obvious choice for the role, Philip Seymour Hoffman, died just over a week ago, and while Chris Farley would have been the perfect pick (see here for proof), he’s also out of the question. Who remains? Well, there’s SNL‘s Bobby Moynihan, though his Ford impression on SNL was a bit of…

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