Connectv wants to become the Vine for TV’s best moments

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Ever wanted to share a short video of the thing you just saw on TV? ConnecTV’s new app lets you do just than in a Vine-like fashion.


Here’s a secret about Vine: People are recording a whole lot of clips off of their TVs. Highlights of basketball matches, news bloopers and even tiny fragments of music videos, all recorded with shaky mobile cameras, and often the result of plenty of DVR rewinding and a whole lot of do-overs.

Los Angeles-based social TV startup ConnecTV wants to make this process easier with a new Vine-like app for sharing TV clips. ConnecTV’s app lets users automatically select a highlight from the show they’re currently watching on TV, or search for programming by network name, and then edit the moment they want to share down to a short clip.

All of this is possible without ever accessing your phone’s camera: ConnecTV constantly digests live feeds of 400 channels from all over the U.S., including all major national cable channels and broadcast stations from the top 55 local markets. The result…

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