Breaking Bad series finale breaks piracy records

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What happens when one of the most talked-about shows on television airs its final episode? For one thing, a lot of piracy.


Breaking Bad’s series finale just broke a dubious record: The last episode of the critically acclaimed show has been pirated more than 500,000 times within the first 12 hours after it first appeared online, according to Torrentfreak. That makes it the most popular Breaking Bad episode on file sharing networks ever. Judging from the data, availability was one of the factors behind the piracy surge, but for some, it may just be a hard-to-kick habit.

Torrentfreak took a closer look at the geographic distribution of downloaders, noting that Australians are at the top of the list. In Australia, Breaking Bad is available through the pay TV network Foxtel, which aired the final episodes of the show just five hours after they went on the air in the U.S. However, not everyone has access to Foxtel; the provider reaches only about 2.2 million households. Others apparently decided to take matters…

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