Pono, meet iPod: The latest details about Neil Young’s ultra-Hifi audio service

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You all know (or should know!) how HUGE of a Neil Young fanboy I am. Here is a piece from GigaOM on Young’s Pono music player.


Neil Young’s Pono audio service, which promises to bring us better-sounding digital music, will apparently be compatible with your old iPod, (s AAPL) according to a report by Evolver.fm.

Sorta, anyway: Pono is apparently making its music backward-compatible to existing equipment, meaning that you will be able to play that HD audio file on your iPod or computer. But you won’t be able to really enjoy it unless you buy a special Pono player, which Young briefly showed off on Letterman last year.

Play Pono files on your regular equipment, and they’ll sound just like your average iTunes download. Play them on the Pono player, and you’ll get 192 kHz, 24 bit audio, which presumably sounds a lot better – even though some actually dispute that notion.

There’s no word yet when exactly Pono is going to launch, or how much the player will cost. However, it looks…

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