Social Climber: Wet boots and a valuable lesson

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Good friend Jaime Stein is blogging about his preparation to climb Mt Kilimanjaro this summer.

Lessons Learned with Jaime Stein

18 - BridgeI never quite know what to expect each time I set out on a #KiliHikeTO. The people, the scenery, the random occurrences, make each adventure unique.

Today, my hiking companion was Justin. I picked him up just after 8 o’clock in the morning. His first question (after Tweeting at me to see how I take my coffee) was along the lines of what the hike was supposed to be like.

I told him that some hikes are long. Some hikes are short. Often it depends on the location, weather, conversation, or a combination of all three. On average, these hikes have been about three hours in duration and span about 10km.

Little did I know that three and half hours later, we’d be making our way alongside the Humber River with a unique story and bragging rights for the longest #KiliHikeTO ever – a whopping 16.18km.

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